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Loka Samasthaa Sukhino Bhavanthu. May Hindu Dharma spread all over the world and bring peace to everyone.

The ocean is the goal of rivers; similarly the goal of man is to become one with the divine. As a first step, man should develop good thoughts, sacred feelings and noble behaviours. Temples are built to assist people in achieving their goals. The Midrand Madhya Kailash Temple is one such sanctuary.

Our ancestors have articulated that people should not live in a place where there is no temple. The great Tamil poetess Avaiyaar has profoundly stated that it was best to do temple worship daily. In other words there should be constant contemplation on God. Singing “Bhajans” (hymns) helps us to remember God in a pleasant way. In order to achieve success in the material and spiritual realms, it is necessary to practice concentration and meditation. Ancient rulers of the mother land have built many temples to satisfy their needs of the people. The temples, among other things, promote devotion, develop culture and foster unity. When India was under foreign rule, the Indians, due to political and economic reasons immigrated to other countries. Some of these people were brought into this beautiful country as indentured labourers. These people, who have been practising temple worship in their motherland, were left in a spiritual vacuum.

Many temples have since been built to fill this void. Midrand Madhya Kailash Temple is one of them. Pretoria and Johannesburg are two major cities in South Africa. The city of Midrand is directly in between these two cities and the temple has been built in this city. It has therefore been named as Midrand Madhya Kailash Temple.

The Midrand Madhya Kailash Temple was started by the great efforts of Brahma Sri Guru Nadarajah Sarma. It is now growing with the support of the people. This temple is fulfilling the spiritual needs of the thousands of people. This temple stands by the motto of “Service to humanity is service to God.”